Hackathon and workshops Big Data Week


Hackathon and workshops Big Data Week

Given that one of the central themes of Big Data Week 2014 is “Smart Cities”, the Hackathon will revolve around this subject. Datasets related to the subject, based on the city of Barcelona, will be made available to participants. Based on these datasets, there will be different proposals for developing applications on Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and all Sunday morning.

According to Kevin Desouza, a ‘Smart City’ is one that fulfils four criteria:

1. Sustainable (manages its energy and waste well)
2. Designed openly (participatory government)
3. Inhabitable (there are no major inequalities and they offer universal access to resources)
4. Resilient (they adapt to changes and potential catastrophes)

We will break down this definition by analysing different areas such as the economy, citizenship, governance, mobility, the environment, and quality of life.

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BDW Prior/Preparatory Workshops

During the previous days, teaching sessions will offer an introduction to different tools for working with data, both for data preparation and for processing and presentation. Over the course of these workshops, practical exercises will be carried out with OpenRefine (data clean-up and wrangling), Google Spreadsheets (graphs and dynamic tables), and CartoDB (maps); at the same time workshop participants will be taught how to access the open data available (opendata.bcn, the Catalan Government’s Open Data, cartoBCN, etc..) and their different formats.

1. To become familiarised with the most common tools in data processing, without the need for programming knowledge.

2. To introduce participants to the knowledge of some of the most relevant datasets for the thematic lines of the Hackathon.

Day 1 of the workshop (6 May) will offer an explanation of:

1. The sources of open data that we have and the services available to us to access them (opendata.bcn, Dades Obertes de la Generalitat, cartoBCN, etc.)

2. Formats, clean-up and preparation of data with OpenRefine

Day 2 of the workshop (7 May), will offer an explanation of:

1. Dynamic tables for data transformation and data visualisation with Google Spreadsheets, with practical examples.
2. Maps with CartoDB, with a practical example.

It is important to highlight that the workshops are 100% geared to practical work and each person attending must bring their own laptop computer.

The workshops also include teaching material in PDF format and cheat sheets for fast reference to each teaching block, in order to facilitate subsequent work with the tools at the Hackathon.

The workshops will be offered in Spanish.

Registration. Closed, workshop full.

Projecte: Hackathon Big Data Week
Tipologia: hackathon
A càrrec de: Oscar Marín de Outliers , ZZZINC
Dates Hackathon BDW: >
may 9th 17-20h,
may 10th 11-20h
and may 11th 12-14h.
Dates tallers previs BDW:
may 6th and 7th 16-20h
Beta Station, Big Bang Data.
Sala 3, CCCB.