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    • Data Falls| Data Streamers
    • Data Falls| Data Streamers

    Data Falls | Domestic Data Streamers

    How can we extract quantative data on the impact of a work of art? This is the question put into play in the installation “Data Falls”. It is an attempt to extract in an objective and aggregate way the impact of the presence of five groups of works of art on the visitors of an exhibition. Or seen another way, the influence of the different works on the ...

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    • Visitors data analytics | Counterest

    Visitors data analytics | Counterest

    In numerous contemporary environments from shopping centres and supermarkets to public roads, sensors have been installed that measure traffic flows of vehicles and pedestrians. The aim is to quantify the traffic in these areas and generate data that allow the commercial potential of certain points to be determined, as well as to gain a better understandin...

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    • Flux | Pim Pam Pum

    Flux | Pim Pam Pum

    Flux shows the flows of financial transactions in Madrid and Barcelona, deter- mining the areas of commercial appeal and which other areas users come from. Name of piece: Flux Author: Pim Pam Pum Year: 2014 Credits: Pim Pam Pum

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  • 04/12/2013


    _BIG BANG DATA is an exhibition about the ‘datafication’ of the world curated by José Luis de Vicente and Olga Subirós with ZZZINC activities management. In the lead up to the opening in May 2014, CCCB LAB offers a window into the production process through a series of articles in which the curators offer a preview of the principal strands of content. ...

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