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Data Falls | Domestic Data Streamers

How can we extract quantative data on the impact of a work of art?
This is the question put into play in the installation “Data Falls”. It is an attempt to extract in an objective and aggregate way the impact of the presence of five groups of works of art on the visitors of an exhibition. Or seen another way, the influence of the different works on the visitors.
Each of the groups of works is equipped with a sensor that captures the time that the visitor remains before the work. This information is transferred analogically to each of the corresponding modules through the fall of a constant quantity of sand, a new reading of time that allows the impact of each group to be quantified over the course of a month. 

The project has been developed for the data capture part by the company Counterest and for the visualisation of data by the team at Domestic Data Streamers.

Domestic Data Streamers is a team of designers and researchers from Barcelona. We create real time data installations in spaces, interacting with the people and that which surrounds them.

Name of the piece: Data Falls, Instal·lació i audiovisual
Author: Data Streamers en col·laboració amb Counterest
Yea: 2014

Credits: Coproduït per CCCB i Fundación Telefónica