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After the tsunami of 2011 and the subsequent nuclear problem at Fukushima Daiichi, it became clear that people wanted to have more data than those that were available. Safecast has worked to build up a network of radiation sen- sors, made up of static and mobile sensors that are installed close to the ex- clusion zone and around the country. Safecast is a global project that aims to give power to people with data, registering levels of radiation and building up a network of sensors, and allowing people to contribute to the project and freely use these data.

1. Sean Bonne. Hexacopter with an onboard bGeigie Nano
2. Sean Bonner. Safecast car in the field
3. Sean Bonner. Measurement in Nihonmatsu
4. Sean Bonner. Close to 3000 CPM surface contamination
5. Sean Bonner. Safecast bGeigie Nano build event – Aizu -05/2013
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Name of piece: Safecast
Year: 2011

Credits: – Fukushima