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    • Del secret al monument | Jose Luis de Vicente

    Del secret al monument | José Luis de Vicente

    In contrast with the perception that the Web is a territory without spatial coordinates in which geography is not important, the reality is that the Internet de- pends on tangible facilities, whose location is very carefully chosen. The ports in global information routes – data centers, Internet Exchanges, colocation centers – have deliberatel...

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  • 27/12/2013

    The Weight of the Cloud

    Quincy, Washington Quincy, Washington, is an agricultural city in the northeastern United States with a population of seven thousand, two supermarkets and two hardware stores. The New York Times described it as “a farming community in the middle of a desert”, and until recently its main economic activity was potato and bean harvests. But it wou...

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  • 04/12/2013


    _BIG BANG DATA is an exhibition about the ‘datafication’ of the world curated by José Luis de Vicente and Olga Subirós with ZZZINC activities management. In the lead up to the opening in May 2014, CCCB LAB offers a window into the production process through a series of articles in which the curators offer a preview of the principal strands of content. ...

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