• Visitors data analytics | Counterest

    Visitors data analytics | Counterest

    In numerous contemporary environments from shopping centres and supermarkets to public roads, sensors have been installed that measure traffic flows of vehicles and pedestrians. The aim is to quantify the traffic in these areas and generate data that allow the commercial potential of certain points to be determined, as well as to gain a better understandin...

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    • Del secret al monument | Jose Luis de Vicente

    Del secret al monument | José Luis de Vicente

    In contrast with the perception that the Web is a territory without spatial coordinates in which geography is not important, the reality is that the Internet de- pends on tangible facilities, whose location is very carefully chosen. The ports in global information routes – data centers, Internet Exchanges, colocation centers – have deliberatel...

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    • Winning Formula | Near Future Laboratory

    Winning Formula | Near Future Laboratory

    Winning Formula, is project by Near Future Laboratory which takes the form of a newspaper sports section from April 2018, explores these questions and some of the more unreal features of data-driven football future. It touches on more easily seen aspects of performance analytics, and new ways to depict and consume football in media, but also explores nea...

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    • Basic vocabulary of Big Data

    Basic vocabulary of Big Data

    An audiovisual installation that explains, through short stories and interviews with professionals in the sector, the basic terms used to measure, record and analyse Big Data: correlation, prediction, aggregation, metadata, geolocation, pattern, mining, algorithm.Name of piece: Vocabulari bàsic del Big Data Author: CCCB Production Year: 2014

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    • Whistle | Ben Jacobs. Whistle Labs, Inc.

    Whistle | Ben Jacobs. Whistle Labs, Inc.

    The Whistle Activity Monitor is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities. It tries to determine what a dog’s optimal exercise and sleep levels should be based on breed, weight and age, and then compares them to a dog’s actual activity patterns. Dog owners can access all of that data through a web interface, and track activity on a smartph...

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