• España en llamas

    España en llamas | CIVIO

    Why does woodland burn? Does anyone pay for it? Every summer thousands of forest fires are reported… but little detailed analysis is carried out regarding what is going on and, above all, why. This web application allows users to visualise and browse through previously unpublished data on all those forest fires affecting 100 hectares or more that occ...

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    • Submarine Cable Map

    Submarine Cable Map | Markus Krisetya, Larry Lairson, Alan Mauldin

    This map shows the layout of the submarine fibre optic cable system that links us all, creating a great network. The layouts are divided into three colours, red for cables in service, yellow for planned cables, and black for damaged cables. It also shows data such as the accident at Alexandria where a boat cut two of the cables, reducing to 75% the capacit...

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    • Data Falls| Data Streamers
    • Data Falls| Data Streamers

    Data Falls | Domestic Data Streamers

    How can we extract quantative data on the impact of a work of art? This is the question put into play in the installation “Data Falls”. It is an attempt to extract in an objective and aggregate way the impact of the presence of five groups of works of art on the visitors of an exhibition. Or seen another way, the influence of the different works on the ...

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    • 23andMe experience | Maria Padró

    23andMe experience | CCCB

    The DNA Testing Kit is a product that is commercialised online and allows us to access information on our genetic map and its possible repercussions on our health in the future. 23andMe experience shows the feelings of a person who takes this DNA test, making us reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of knowledge about the data that technology makes a...

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    • Internet Machine | Timo Arnall

    Internet Machine | Timo Arnall

    This installation, created especially for this exhibition, introduces us to the spatial, architectural, and material aspects of data centres, infrastructures that store millions of data, as well as interactions, applications and services. The creation of this installation offers us the sensation of “being there” and, through physicality, materiality and ...

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